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Important News

--- 01/27/2021 ---

Visitors to the Phelps County Assessor’s Office are urged to continue social distancing guidelines with 6-foot separation from other individuals.  Due to the social distancing guidelines, we can only accommodate two visitors in the office at a time.

Masks must be worn properly for all in-person business.  Most requests can be handled by email or fax.

To speak to us by phone, call 573-458-6135

Reach us by fax at 573-458-6149

For personal property assistance:  personalproperty@phelpscounty.org

For real estate assistance:  realestate@phelpscounty.org

For mapping or 911 addressing assistance:  mapping@phelpscounty.org

For other inquiries:  assessorgroup@phelpscounty.org

Please, for your safety and that of other visitors and employees, do not enter if you have signs or symptoms of illness, fever over 100.4, or a history of exposure or suspected exposure to the COVID-19 virus.